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Tangent Wines, nationally recognized and award-winning, are one of the best vibrant and crisp representations of California cool climate white wines. The brand itself represents a departure from the traditional with estate grown wines in screw tops and cans to create an eclectic line up. Our packaging redesign and digital identity aims at doing exactly the same, with a goal of elevating the package and establishing a vibrant lifestyle around the wines. We set out to breathe new life into the brand, making it relevant to a younger wine audience with sophisticated taste and a dash of pop culture.

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Using design elements present on Tangent’s original package design as our jumping off point, the new Tangent branding is lively, textured, and expressive. The result is a rare example of a rebrand that feels original and exciting, without losing the shelf recognition of longtime fans.


Taking our inspiration from the intersection of art and precision that is winemaking, while representing the union of fluid motion and a perfect structure, our hand painted and intricate design reflects the essence of Tangent wines and is truly a departure from the ordinary.


Highlighting Tangent wines in a digital space means not only showcasing their beautifully vibrant wines (packaged in cans and bottles), but also their picturesque estate vineyard in the heart of California’s cool Edna Valley.

Social Media

Balancing the #vibrantorbust lifestyle with education on what it means to be cool climate white wines from the Edna Valley is what fuels our social strategy for Tangent wines. A curated and on-brand social feed, paired with a strong social advertising program, has led to 10x growth in less than two years.

Content & Video Creation

Telling the story behind the wines & package was our goal with our custom photo and video content for Tangent—from showcasing all the places to enjoy wine packaged in cans, the inspiration and process of creating the unique package, and what it means to live vibrantly.

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