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In Napa Valley, excellence is not just the way one approaches winemaking – it's an overall philosophy. From the artistry of their winemakers, to the treatment and management of their natural resources, to the many ways to enjoy the wine itself, Napa Valley provides a world-class experience. It was our honor to partner with them to create an overarching brand and digital hub for the region that represents this philosophy of excellence and unites the key elements of the Napa Valley brand – the place, the people, and the process – into a cohesive ethos.
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Napa Valley Vintners


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Strategy & Identity

Two key elements within our approach to reimagining the Napa Valley brand identity were both longevity and education. If you know anything about wine, you know Napa Valley. But what does Napa represent, exactly? In defining the unique pillars that, together, lay the foundation for what the brand stands for, we were able to create a brand identity that is represented at its highest level in a bold new icon, made to unite the various growers with a powerful and elegant regional identity. And at its most detailed level, we used these same pillars to educate users as to the exact reasons Napa Valley has earned its iconic status in the global wine world.
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Web Design

The Napa Valley website is a study in conveying rich information and nuanced details through very few actual words. Through powerful video vignettes, engaging photography, and bold headlines, a quick scan of the site imparts much of the same experience as a deeper dive does. Of course, for those interested in going all in, there is plenty of opportunity for that. Educational details abound, from a study of all varietals grown in each of the 16 individual AVAs to a deep dive into the fascinating history of the region through winemaker stories, curated in partnership with UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library Oral History Center. After studying up, one simply has to select from a number of pre-mapped tasting itineraries, or use the interactive tasting map for a perfectly curated visit.
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Photo & Video

Developing custom photography and videography is often viewed as a supporting aspect to a branding or digital project, but in this case, it was the very backbone. Through the development of detailed shotlists and storyboards, we crafted the visual story we strove to tell from concept to execution. One that showcased the beauty of the place, the dedication and craftsmanship of its people, and the innovation and refinement of process. The resulting visuals showcase the very promise of Napa Valley, which stands for wines of the highest quality, cultivated with excellence in one of the world's most extraordinary places.
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