Los Arango Tequila

Savor the Moment

Los Arango tequila is made to honor life's moments of triumph, both big and small, and crafted to be enjoyed during the moments that are truly worth savoring. Born on the eve of the Mexican Revolution, Los Arango crafts ultra-premium tequila with an amazing story to tell. And while we knew the packaging itself was compelling – blown glass featuring hand-touched details, an embossed leather label, and metal accents – and the tequila inside was something truly special, our goal was to help share the story behind this elevated tequila through the creation of a brand universe that brought their story to life across multiple channels.


Los Arango Tequila


  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Advertising


Strategy & Identity

With a brand story, package, and product as unique and memorable as Los Arango, sharing the brand's rich history presented an interesting challenge. Their story was nuanced and moving, and our goal was to tell it simply, yet cohesively in a way that was easily recalled by both consumers and trade. The result was a strategy that allowed Los Arango to clearly differentiate itself from other tequilas while making a lasting impression.


Brand Assets

Our branded retail display, made with your typical crowded liquor store in mind, clearly showcases the standout features of the Los Arango package.


Website Design

The web experience for Los Arango presented the opportunity to dive deeper into the historical significance of this brand. By focusing both on the products as well as the story, we could create the opportunity for anyone, whether they discovered the brand at their local liquor store or via a social media ad, to dive into its rich history via both immersive visuals and powerful storytelling.


Photo & Video

Featuring luxe details and handcrafted touches, our styled photography and videography for Los Arango in many ways mimics the package itself. Not only did we imagine the brand in a plethora of occasions, from a cozy evening spent in good company to a sunny afternoon at the hacienda, but also brought the brand into unique and high-end accents, such as a custom ice stamp and hand-laid tile backdrops


Social Media

We created shareable step-by-step mixology videos for social media was to highlight creative cocktails where the unique flavor profile of Los Arango remained front and center.

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