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Come one, come all to a wine experience like none other! Freakshow Wines, a beloved and bestselling national wine brand from our friends at Michael David Winery, has experienced astronomical growth (not an exaggeration, the Michael David team literally sent wine to space in 2020). From an expanded product lineup across various new formats to an interactive and engaging multi-channel face filter campaign, we've really embraced the opportunity to let our freak flags fly with this brand.


Michael David Winery


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Product Design

When the Michael David team came to us with a vision to add a Zinfandel and Chardonnay to their bestselling brand, we wanted to add a little feminity to the former all-male lineup of freaks. You know, breathe some fire into the existing labels. Really make a splash. Ok, ok, we'll stop. Setting a night scene with the Zin allowed us to spotlight our firebreather. Creating a unique dieline for the Chard allowed us to transform the label to fit a Burgundy bottle shape while still achieving cohesiveness across the full lineup. For the 187ml cans, we took full advantage of the wraparound labels and 4-pk cases to let the details and easter eggs among the crowd of freaks shine through.


Brand Assets

With the vast majority of Freakshow wines' sales happening in-store, point of sale merchandising has been a key component to the brand. With each display, we've taken a dial-it-up or dial-it-down approach, where reps and retailers could mix and match various elements to customize the size of the display depending on their needs. From the Freakshow face filter campaign to glow-in-the-dark Halloween-themed displays, each piece works on its own or bands together to send a cohesive campaign message.


Website Design

While the objective with the Michael David Winery website was to align their eclectic family of brands within a WineDirect e-commerce platform, all while promoting their tasting room and wine club offerings, our goal with Freakshow's campaign microsite was a little different – get each visitor to release their inner freak! Featuring an attention-grabbing video hero, engaging "how to" animations, and linking to a Freakshow wine shop, we ensured that the vast audience driven to this microsite from a variety of sources knew exactly how to get their freak on.


Photo & Video

Whether onsite at Michael David Winery's bustling winery and tasting room grounds, or in the studio making visual magic happen, our goal with every Freakshow shoot has been to bring our freaky characters to life. Sometimes moreso than others – featuring our very own real-life strongman and mermaid, who even took a dip in the Michael David pond!


Advertising & Campaigns

From interactive mobile app design & development to recreating our favorite Freaks from the labels in a real-life wine bar setting, the print ads and national campaigns we've worked on for Freakshow have been as varied as they are engaging. The pairing of non-traditional formats with more traditional advertising, however, has not only proven itself to be great way to engage customers across multiple channels, but also to reach different demographics and markets.

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