Corralejo Tequila

Celebrate the Flavor of Mexico

Corralejo Tequila is crafted in a 250-year history, rich with tequila tradition, within the brick walls of the historic Hacienda Corralejo. With an iconic bottle that stands head and shoulders above the rest, Corralejo is well-known among aficionados to be truly authentic tequila that you can enjoy with confidence. The opportunity to work with the Corralejo team on a brand restructuring has not only been incredibly educational, but also just plain fun. The result is a reimagined brand essence that not only embodies its deeply rooted Mexican tequila traditions, but also knows how to celebrate.


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Strategy & Identity

Working directly with the Corralejo team, we discovered through extensive research that the consumer perception of Corralejo was a little cloudy, particularly to a younger audience. While many consumers felt it was authentic Mexican tequila, until they tried it, they weren't quite sure where to place it on the quality scale. In building a brand story that centered around authenticity, quality, and confidence – all in a contemporary style – we were able to shift the perception of Corralejo among consumers, particularly millennials and gen Z, and clearly differentiate it from the countless other tequilas on the shelf.


Brand Assets

Not your average retail bin, this attention-grabbing display embraces the iconic shape of the Corralejo bottle itself and nods the key quality cue that it's crafted with 100% blue weber agave.


Website Design

Through richly layered custom video, styled photography, and unique textural scrolling effects, the Corralejo website showcases the product in its best light – which just so happens to be the flames of an ignited citrus cocktail garnish. This new digital presence confidently elevates the tequila's diverse mixology capability and unique history.


Photo & Video

Content is how people experience a brand. The primary goal of our studio photography & videography was to create a mixology-inspired universe through the lens of the Corralejo brand. Whether you're ordering a shot of Silver, a Reposado craft cocktail, or two fingers of Añejo, this world is all about helping the consumer understand what it means to celebrate the flavor of Mexico.


Social Media

Our strategy for Corralejo's official US social profiles was to not only show the product and its incredible versatility across many occasions, but also to educate followers on where it comes from and how it's made. Opportunities to show the details of the estate-grown blue weber agave, the double distillation process, and the historical Hacienda Corralejo itself complete the full story of the brand. The result celebrates the authenticity of Corralejo while building a social following around tequila mixology culture.


Advertising & Campaigns

From an innovative Salud to Silver brand video to custom Dia de los Muertos cocktail creation, bringing Corralejo to life across multiple retail and digital channels has proven incredibly successful in driving awareness and growing brand reach during the peak tequila seasons of the year. Vibrant imagery, confident messaging, and cultural authenticity are all combined, whether it's a point of sale display, a printed ad, or a social media campaign – all helping to convey the energy and quality of the Corralejo product.

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