Day of the Dead

Celebrating the Spirit of Hacienda Corralejo

Honoring the past and celebrating those who have come before us is a cultural tradition embraced in Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Corralejo Tequila, crafted at the historical Hacienda Corralejo in Guanajuato, Mexico, is surrounded by over 250 years of tequila tradition and celebrates those who have shaped the tequila of today. Featuring Corralejo Reposado as the centerpiece of a traditional Dia de los Muertos offering, we share the transformation of a bartender into a beautiful and confident La Calavera Catrina while she transforms simple ingredients into an elegant cocktail featuring Corralejo Reposado. The results of our immersive photo and video production were shared across a myriad of platforms for a captivating cultural and seasonally branded experience, at once highlighting Corralejo's versatility, heritage, and taste appeal.
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Corralejo Tequila


  • Digital
  • Advertising


Photo & Video

Our content production was the launch point of this campaign. We created a themed bar backdrop inspired by a Dia de los Muertos ancestral offering, featuring rich textures, autumnal colors, and candlelit marigolds. A bartender by day transforms into a beautiful La Catrina to celebrate Day of the Dead and her ancestors by expertly crafting a cocktail in their honor.


Social Media

Timing this campaign with late Fall, we launched with a full Instagram takeover showing the various details of the content captured in our photo and videoshoots, including releasing Day of the Dead-themed specialty cocktail recipes. Heroing Corralejo Reposado, we coordinated Corralejo Tequila's feed with a diverse array of paid ads, growing brand awareness, boosting sales, and expanding social reach and follower engagement.



We paired the beautifully iconic deep blue of the Corralejo Reposado bottles standing tall in a freestanding floor display with our visually striking La Catrina. Complimented by key quality cues of the liquid, this combination transforms a simply constructed display into a show stopping point of sale merchandising opportunity. Captivating poster ads were also produced to drive awareness, traffic and increased engagement to the Corralejo social profile where the campaign continued to come to life throughout the celebratory season.
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