Waylan Wine Co


Cut from the same cloth.


Sarloos Brothers


  • Branding
  • Packaging

Brothers Greg and Brad Saarlooss, two brothers who found their calling making wine with their family in Los Olivos, were traveling through Europe when they had a thought... "what if we made our own wine?" But they'd do it a little differently, and they'd do it together.

With two approaches to making wine, a vineyard-designate series and a barrel series, one is truly an expression of the land, and other is at its core an expression of their winemaking style. We created a design system for each. The vineyard designate series features handpainted watercolor textures inspired by each of their vineyards. The barrel series, printed on kraft, incorporates a topographic map of the Santa Ynez Valley, the main region from where their grapes are sourced. Greg and Brad know the roads like the back of their hand so we incorporated foil highlights that following the main highways in the area.

The logomark we created for the Waylan brothers resembles their two arms coming together in this new venture, and is prominently used across both series to create a unifying brand.

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