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At the heart of the True Myth experience is Mother Nature – she influences all that goes into crafting a great wine: climate, soil, and vines. When conceptualizing ideas for the new package for True Myth's Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Makers & Allies brought to life this magical story with a new vision for how to take the existing packaging and brand to the next level. When it came time to design the True Myth website, we used the same attention to story & detail to create a digital presence that enriches and expands the True Myth experience.

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The True Myth brand logomark was designed to be light weight and elegant like the butterfly symbol itself. It is purposefully simplistic to direct a much larger focus on the artistic depiction of mother nature as the primary brand image.


Using butterflies as inspiration, we created an entirely new package which incorporates a hand-drawn rendition of Mother Nature herself, commanding the elements and surrounded by beautiful swirling butterflies. From the shelf, you can't help but notice this mysterious lady peering out at you, and when you get her up close, tiny foil elements and shine on the wings of the butterflies wrap you up in her magic.


Our plan with the Niven FamilyWines site was to build a unique home for each brand to live, surrounded by the elements that bring the brands to life while also allowing using to navigate to the other brands that exist within the family.

Social Media

We launched and built a dedicated social following around the brand, creating allure, mystery and a sense magic through the content that is produced each season to keep the brand engaging for fans and followers.

Content & Video Creation

Each season we capture the changing cycles of mother nature bringing the bottle to life through the themes of communal gathering, exploration of nature and the overall feeling of wonder that surround these wines.

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