Sudwerk Brewing


California. Craft. Lagers.


Sudwerk Brewing Co.


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Sudwerk Brewing is a craft brewery who has made their mark on the growing demand for crisp refreshing craft lagers. Their brewing techniques can be described as old world German style brought to life with a new world California craft brewing twist. Our mission was to give the entire Sudwerk line up of products a visual refresh while also adding a myriad of new format options to their list. The essence of their hometown in Davis, California can be found depicted on the crown closure of each bottle, the california bear riding a penny farthing. The bear on the bike not only represents their support for the town’s booming bike culture but also the relationship of their historic german roots paired with their new world California brewing mindset. From six-pack bottle carriers to cans each varietal is brought to life through bright vivid colors and attractive modern simplicity.

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