SLO Coast Wine Collective


Find a Place Shaped by Fog, Wind, Earth & Sea


SLO Coast Wine Collective


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A tight-knit group of coastal wineries crafting some of the very best cool climate wines in California came to us to rebrand into something powerfully distinct. SLO Coast Wine establishes a foundation for the growth of an emerging AVA with the launch of their new name & visual brand, showcased through a web experience that promotes local wineries, annual events and overall uniqueness of the region. The rebranded SLO Coast Wine Collective tells a story of a place unlike any other on Earth, a boutique wine region where vines are shaped by the mighty elements of the Pacific.

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Our goal with the redesigned branding was to elevate the region while still maintaining its unique approachability. The typography and unique shape of the updated SLO Coast Wine logomark subtly allude to its nautical origins while maintaining the rugged yet refined spirit of the central coast winemaking culture.


Our vision in redesigning the SLO Coast Wine website was to tell a powerful visual story. Highlighting custom produced aerial photography shot from a helicopter to show, rather than tell, the proximity of vines to the sea provides context for first-time visitors while giving locals a unique perspective.


For the Collective's premier wine events, we illustrated custom typography paired with aerial landscape photography to create eye-catching poster designs that communicate an inspiring sense of place. Both prominently feature the new brand to clearly unite events under the SLO Coast Wine Collective name.

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