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9 Generations Of California Farming


Ranchos de Ontiveros


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Ranchos de Ontiveros tells a very real story about the durability of truth, the people, and the earth itself. Seven generations after his ancestors moved to California, James Ontiveros is still farming and ranching the same land, offering small lot, estate wines that reflect the terroir and offer a true expression of place.

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Our branding for Ranchos de Ontiveros involved creating separate identities for both Rancho Viñedo and Native9, as well as a custom logomark for Ranchos de Ontiveros that encompasses the story of both brands. Utilizing the Ontiveros cattle brand, the logomark pays homage to the Ontiveros family’s rich history in the Santa Maria Valley.


The wine is an expression of the rugged terrain of the vineyard itself, and our labels tell the story of nine generations of Californians farming the same land. We created a custom engraving of the view from James’ family’s property looking down onto his vineyard as touches of metallic ink, foil, and debosing come together to bring this label to life.


After creating the branding and packaging for James Ontiveros’' wine, we extended his story into the digital realm with a custom developed, fully responsive website that details the importance of the land and the story of how these wines came to be.

Social Media

Without a physical tasting room, we’ve relied on social media and the power of digital marketing to grow the allocation list for Ranchos de Ontiveros. Utilizing both content strategy and paid advertising, we’ve maintained record engagement numbers on both Instagram and Facebook.

Content & Video Creation

Showcasing how unique and special this unique land in Santa Maria Valley is to winemaker James Ontiveros was an imperative aspect of both our web design and social media strategy. Getting out into the vineyards with James has proven to be a heartfelt experience each time, and this authenticity shines in Ranchos de Ontiveros’ marketing efforts.

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