Outpost Cannabis

Santa Barbara's Finest Jazz Cabbage

Perched in the rugged coastal mountains of Santa Barbara, California, Outpost grows frontier flower far from the pedestal of pretension. Outpost is many things (sun-grown, sustainable, and family-operated to name a few) but it is definitively not highbrow. Think an ice-cold Coors on the back of a dinged-up pickup. Or don't – just light up and enjoy the ride.
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Outpost Cannabis Co.


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Digital

Awards & Recognition


Strategy & Identity

After extensive market research, we found a clear opportunity in the crowded California cannabis industry for an affordable, no-nonsense brand. In a sea of highbrow flower that rivals Silicon Valley tech brands, Outpost stands out as an unapologetic and hardworking brand with dusty boots and blistered hands. Maybe the former will call you an Uber, but Outpost will fix your car.
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Product Design

In pairing its casual, straightforward ethos with an iconic and cohesive package lineup, Outpost emerges as genuine and trustworthy, but with undeniable charm. We hid a few on-brand easter eggs, because of course we did. From a toking mountain lion on the gusset (alluding to where the flower is grown) to a pair of eagles sharing a joint, the package delivers on details that speak to the brand that the consumer can dive into after rolling a j and enjoying some of Outpost's jazz cabbage.
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Website Design

Keeping things casual and straightforward was the name of the game for Outpost's website. Utilizing many elements of the package itself, from brand marks to fonts to colorways, we rethought the traditional navigation, instead framing the site with a simple choice of Business (wholesale), Pleasure (where to buy), and Who We Are (brand story).
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Photo & Video

High* on a distant hilltop, surrounded by sun-grown flower and the Santa Barbara mountains as far as the eye can see? Yeah, ok, twist our arm. From the ethereal beauty of budding marijuana plants at dawn to a dusty afternoon frolicking in a field (and raising a little hell in a gator, obviously), the result was a wide variety of photos that perfectly suited the brand while fueling plenty of content for web, social, trade, and more. *pun very much intended
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