Outpost Cannabis Co.


Santa Barbara's Finest Jazz Cabbage


Outpost Cannabis Co.


  • Branding
  • Packaging

Outpost, growing frontier flower in Santa Barbara County, is many things (sun-grown, sustainable, and family-operated to name a few) but it is definitively not highbrow. Think an ice-cold Coors on the back of a dinged-up pickup. After extensive market research, we found a niche in the crowded California cannabis industry for this affordable, no-nonsense brand by pairing its casual, straightforward ethos with a sophisticated and iconic package. And keeping in line with Outpost's brand personality, we hid a good amount of on-brand easter eggs. From a toking mountain lion on the gusset (alluding to where the flower is grown) to a pair of eagles sharing a joint on the back, there are lots of little details that speak to the brand that the consumer can dive into after rolling a j and enjoying some of Outpost's jazz cabbage.

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