New Freakshow Wines

A Fresh Lineup of 'Freaks'

With a legacy deeply rooted in Lodi, California, Michael David Winery, a family-run institution for over six generations, remains committed to the land, community, and the spirit of its hometown. Their Freakshow wines are a testament to their daring approach, breaking free from conventions, and embracing the strange with this legacy brand for more than 20 years. In our reimagined label design, we gave the larger-than-life personalities of Michael David Winery's 'Freaks' their moment in the spotlight. Bringing these characters off the label and into the real world was our goal. By using the magic of studio and lifestyle photography, we've breathed fresh life into this remarkable brand, inviting its captivating characters to step boldly into reality. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Michael David Winery and their captivating 'Freaks'.
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Michael David Winery


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Product Design

By amplifying the presence of the characters on the newly revamped Freakshow labels for Michael David Winery, our team created a commanding new shelf presence that endowed each character from this legacy brand with an even more distinct personality through custom illustrations, typography, and unique print techniques including emboss and foil embellishments.
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Photo & Video

In the M&A Studio the 'Freaks' step into the spotlight. Each character set within scenes meticulously crafted to pay tribute to their tasting profiles and the whimsically eccentric essence that defines the Freakshow brand. Paired with a lifestyle photoshoot that turned Freakshow to a real-life circus, we captured the essence of Michael David Winery's fantastical world. With an artful blend of creativity and precision, our team skillfully crafted scenes that mirror the playful and eccentric spirit of the Freakshow brand, making it a captivating reality that beckons all to step right up and join the revelry.
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