Misfits & Mavens

Wine for All and All for Wine.

Michael David Winery is known for many things, but conforming to the status quo is decidedly not one of them. Proving this point is the Michael David Wine Club, which tends to draw the type of person that seeks out the curious and follows the beat of their own drum. Dubbed "Misfits & Mavens" for this exact reason, these wines made exclusively for club members are an exploration of the senses. At first glance, these labels are play on traditional wine, featuring elaborate, custom illustrations on a matte cream label accented with gold foil, a scuplted emboss, and spot varnish. Look a little closer, however, and you'll step into the wild world of Michael and David Phillips. This is a world filled with fun-filled controlled chaos, meant to audaciously live in a space where people can tend to take themselves just a little too seriously.


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