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With a website that abandons the conventional, an ad campaign that’s anything but normal, and social media that embraces the strange, our goal with Michael David Winery was to push the boundaries of what people expect out of a wine brand without losing the real legitimacy of their history and conservation efforts in Lodi.

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A multi-faceted and multi-brand digital experience, our goal for the Michael David Winery website was to communicate the celebration of the unconventional, the overarching essence that unites their many brand families. The site also serves as a gateway for longtime fans of one brand to discover the many other options available to them from Michael David Winery.


In the sea of picturesque vineyards and perfectly edited bottle shots that is wine marketing today, we went weird. The result is the 100% Real campaign, rolled out across national print publications, point of sale, and digital advertising spaces. With larger than life tales, fantastical creatures, and tongue-in-cheek messaging, the ads reward the viewer for stopping and paying closer attention.

Content & Social Media

Encouraging our followers to #embracethestrange, our social media strategy for Michael David Winery showcases their vast array of wines in an eclectic and engaging way that truly suits the brand, while maintaining a consistently engaged audience and 12% month-over-month growth rate.

Photo & Video Creation

Key to both our website design as well as our social media marketing strategy, the product and lifestyle photography we created for Michael David Winery is intended to bring each brand to life while uniting the series as a whole.

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