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Liberty School has been a nationally loved and consistently high scoring wine for years, well known for its devotion to quality, craftsmanship, and family heritage. Like any established brand, it was looking to connect with a new wave of consumers graduating into their purchasing category. Our packaging refresh, coupled with a social media marketing strategy and national “Live Your Roots” tour campaign, brought new life to Liberty School and succeeded while engaging a younger up-and-coming generation of wine buyers.


The mark of a great package refresh is keeping the spirit of the existing brand but rethinking the details so that it can truly shine on the shelf. Incorporating a myriad of print techniques to add texture and cultivate an elevated look, our refresh pays homage to the classic look of Liberty School while rewarding those who pause to take a closer peek it's much more contemporary design aesthetic.


Along with the launch of the new package, the Liberty School team launched a national marketing campaign focused around tastings held in their very own touring tiny home. Pairing that with a powerful social media presence invited consumers to virtually follow along with the Live Your Roots tour.

Social Media

Our social media strategy for Liberty School was all about capturing the essence of the #liveyourroots message. Increasing their social following by 250% during a 6-month period, this growth was fueled by social-specific promotions as well as highly engaging page and social advertising content centered around sharing life’s simple pleasures.


Custom photography was a core element of our brand refresh for Liberty School. Setting the tone and storytelling for a lifestyle that the new target consumer could identify with was key to both our social media as well as our point of sale marketing strategies.

Tiny Home Branding

Our goal with branding the Liberty School tiny home and Live Your Roots tour was to capitalize on the remarkable nature of seeing a tiny home, either en route on the highway or parked at a tasting event. Inviting people to capture and share through our signage prominently featured the campaign and it's hashtag.

Branded Giveaways

Given the experiential nature of Liberty School’s Live Your Roots tour, it was important to make sure people had a chance to take a piece of their experience home with them. Custom “Live Your Roots” swag, in the form of hats, wood coasters, leather keychains, and embroidered shirts were used in social and event giveaways.

Space Design

The team at Liberty School understood the importance of refreshing their marketing materials along with the packaging of the wine itself. We were able to utilize the many aspects of their point of sale displays to capitalize on holiday promotions, impart the lifestyle of the refreshed brand, and elevate the product through updated messaging.

Holiday Displays

To increase in-store visibility during peak wine buying seasons, we created holiday case designs with the ability to be mixed and matched in orientation, meaning the display could be altered to meet the needs of each individual retailer.

Point of Sale Marketing

Creative use of mix-and-match messaging for point of sale marketing materials, such as shelf talkers, neckers, back cards, and case cards, meant that each point of sale kit was able to be used in unique formulations for a variety of branded messaging.

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