Le Grand Courtâge

La Joie de Vivre

Le Grand Courtâge and Très Chic are two sister brands who share a certain... je ne sais quoi. Our work for these fun-loving, feminine, French wine brands, inclusive of a full website redesign and custom photography & videography, brings to life a veritable Champagne state of mind while establishing clear positioning within the crowded bubbles & champagne markets.


Le Grand Courtâge


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Website Design

Our web redesign, featuring a unique dual homepage, houses both brands under one website, a strategic choice to cross promote each brand to the other's audience. Each wine then has its own dedicated splash page, featuring unexpected, animated bursts of tasting notes and integrated ecommerce. The site's content is kept fresh with entertaining tips, from party planning to cocktail recipes, and our custom photo & video work is found throughout for a curated, on brand feel.


Photo & Video

If you've ever found yourself wondering, "what exactly is a champagne state of mind, look no further than our photography and videography for Le Grand Courtâge. Working with professional models at a beautiful location in Palm Springs, we created our very own "la vie en rosé" – complete with bike baskets filled with champagne and baguettes, rosé-colored pool floaties, and a gilded dinner party with floating roses and glitter showers (of course). Our favorite quote from the planning process? "Think croquet... but like a real lush croquet."

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