Iron & Sand


Born from the Grit of Paso Robles


Iron & Sand


  • Branding
  • Packaging

​Our brand for Iron + Sand draws inspiration from its home of Paso Robles. Its name is in reference to the two natural hot springs, Iron Spring and Sand Spring, that drew visitors to what is today known as California's oldest watering place. After coming up with a name that perfectly epitomized this Cabernet that could only ever be made in Paso Robles, our package design is a nod to the iron posts driven into the sandy soils that surround you as you explore the modern-day draw to the area: wine and vineyards. Our web design incorporates this brand storytelling along with custom photography shot on infrared film to truly capture the grit and raw beauty of this world class winemaking region. Made to defy expectations of your typical (rhymes with Zappa...) Cabernet Sauvignon, Iron + Sand is true Paso.

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