Become Together.

Wine often represents a certain level of decorum. But... have you had wine? It's actually pretty fun. From an iconoclastic family of Sonoma winemakers, GunBun is your catalyst. It's when you begin to feel the energy shift, the fun begin, and you realize that anything can happen. It's the exact moment that we collectively decide to become together.

As for our directional compass for creating this brand from the ground up... Creativity is a must, and convention should be avoided at all costs. This wine isn’t bottled poetry. This is a bottle of pure magnetic force.


Gundlach Bundschu Winery


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Strategy & Identity

The alter ego of the 6th generation winemakers at Gundlach Bundschu, GunBun is not only a lot easier to pronounce, it's a lot more widely available for anyone living outside of Sonoma County. As such, this isn't a brand that hangs its hat on evoking a sense of place and time. Instead, we wanted GunBun to evoke a feeling. This brand invented power clashing. It invented the cannonball. This is a brand you're afraid to take to meet your parents, yet wins them over instantly. Our challenge with building an identity for this brand was simply... how do we put rules around such a force? The answer lies in harnessing its power rather than trying to subdue it. Use patterns, especially if they "don't go" together. But keep the brand colors black and white. WRITE IN ALL CAPS. But keep it short.


Product Design

GunBun is more than a wine, it tells a genuinely eccentric story of an avant-garde heritage full of true characters. Our inspiration for this label system was the family's "reverse mullet" policy. Lead with the party, back it up with a reasonable level of knowing your shit. Each varietal gets its own unique pattern pairing: something from the 150-year heritage of the Gundlach Bundschu story, and something that brings the party. We'll never tell you which is which. Although, after a few glasses of GunBun, anything goes. These labels say yes to tomfoolery, no to wine snobbery, and continue to build on the family legacy of original thinking with a penchant for the unexpected.

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