Not Everything is Black & White




  • Branding
  • Packaging

The Barton family came to us with a vision. They wanted to revamp the brand identity of Grey Wolf Cellars across all visual elements of the brand, from the labels to the tasting room. The result is the complete rebranded of Grey Wolf Cellars to GREY, elevating both the package as well as the tasting experience.


Rebranding Grey Wolf Cellars to GREY involved creating a new identity for their flagship wines. Taking inspiration from Rorschach tests, this new identity was one of mystery, elusiveness, and open to your own interpretation.


A custom expressive watercolor pattern was created for each varietal, reminiscent of an inkblot test, encouraging the consumer to find the wolf within. Along with the label design, we created custom copy for each varietal, further extending the wolf concept and crafting a cohesive story across the brand.

Space Design

Formerly the home of winemaker Joe Barton’s parents, our overarching goal for the redesign of the GREY tasting space was to give it more of the modern, clean feel that the wine labels would also share, without losing its charming, rustic feel and its special connection to the Barton family.

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