Gaslighter Wine Co

Think – and Drink – For Yourself

If only there was a clear line between the sane and the insane. If only we could always know where we stood between truth and lie-lie-lie-lie-lies. Gaslighter is wine for anyone fed up with the gaslighters, the deniers. Those that refuse to let the wool be pulled over their eyes. And from our edgy and innovative packaging, surreal web experience, provocative photo & video, and building a community of badasses on social, creating a world for this brand to exist in has been a wild ride, but one we'd gladly go on again and again.


Gaslighter Wine Company


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Product Design

Beginning with the rosé, the highest production Gaslighter wine, we took a look at the current rosé market and decided to go in the complete opposite direction: matte black screenprinting, sharp lines, and an elevated chic. This is the girl who wears thigh-high leather boots to a pool party. Our goal in extending this package across the exclusive, small-production pinot and cab was to maintain a clean and cohesive lineup across more traditional bottle molds, a combination that created the dark and sophisticated collection we were after. Like our consumer, this is a package meant to turn heads, yet still belong in whatever room they walk into.


Website Design

Anybody who says you need a big website in order to create an immersive digital experience is, well, gaslighting you. Within just two pages, we were able to combine our lifestyle photo and video with some trippy web animations in order to harken the suspended reality that those who've ever been gaslighted know all too well. And with a simple ecommerce and wine club integration, we're able to support a strong DTC program for this extremely limited offering of wine that's quickly gaining an avid following.


Photo & Video

While there will always be those who attempt to shift our perception of reality, they are *not* invited to this party. Our photo & video work for Gaslighter celebrates those who speak their truth, own their power, and make their own damn rules. Featuring all the biggest baddies we know in interesting and attention-grabbing locales, the result is a party perfectly catered to each wine in the Gaslighter lineup, each appealing to the independent, freethinking connoisseur who's tired of hearing the same old story about what wine should be.


Social Media

"Calling all badasses!" is our battle cry for Gaslighter's social. With a strong foundation of brand photography, plus a plethora of inspo to be shared and amplified, we get to further preach the Gaslighter mantra: think and drink for yourself. Colorful, powerful, and fun, this is a community that supports others in having strong opinions, speaking their minds, and never shying away from a good time.
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