Freakshow Maskerade


An Immersive Wine Experience Like None Other


Michael David Winery


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Digital
  • Activation

Come one come all, step right up to the Freakshow! When Michael David Winery, well-known for their eclectic menagerie of wine brands, asked us to create a national campaign and an immersive mobile app experience centered around Freakshow wines, we knew it was time to unleash our inner freak. Innovating a branded app where you could actually become your favorite wine label was just the beginning of the Freakshow Maskerade. Coupling the app with a comprehensive marketing campaign and opportunity to win your face on the next Freakshow wine label, our efforts spanned across web, social, print, and point of sale. Needless to say, we were really able to let our freak flag fly on this one.

Freakshow Maskerade Mobile App

Freakshow Maskerade is a standalone mobile app utilizing face filter technology to transform the user into characters inspired by the Freakshow wine labels. With standard characters like a mermaid and fortune teller available immediately upon download, and more characters like the Strongman and Firebreather unlocked by scanning a Freakshow wine bottle. The app allows the user to blur the line between themselves and their favorite wine. This creates a unique opportunity to not only interact with the brand, but to literally become part of the label and brand identity.

Digital Activation

The central hub of all of the moving parts of this campaign was its landing page, with a large audience, driven from a wide variety of sources: the app itself, social media posts and ads, print, press, and point of sale. Featuring interactive video, app previews, links to shop wine, and more, this single-scroll experience served as an engaging yet informative page with a strong two-part call to action to both download the app and enter the giveaway to win your face on the next vintage of Freakshow wine–over 2 million bottles!


Traditional Media

Pairing this very non-traditional campaign with traditional media outlets created an opportunity to educate an audience who might otherwise have been left in the dark. A series of full-page ads in Wine Enthusiast, for example, also helped build industry awareness and earned press attention within the wine industry.

In-Store Activation

With the vast majority of Freakshow wines' sales happening in-store, point of sale merchandising was key to rounding out this robust campaign. With a dial-it-up or dial-it-down approach, where reps and retailers could mix and match elements to customize the size of the display depending on their needs, all pieces had to work standalone or together to send a cohesive message.

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