Freakshow in the Dark

Special Edition Cabernet Release

The traditional holiday season is great, but our friends at Michael David Winery favor a different kind of holiday with Freaks that trick and wines that treat. To lean into the spirit of Halloween we helped the Michael David team build upon their annual fall Freakshow promotion with a uniquely spooky campaign that started with the package and expanded into digital promotion. And let's just say, the campaign gleaned glowing reviews across retail and social media.
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Freakshow Cabernet already has a "strong" personality— however, we were tasked with enhancing this personality through a new glow-in-the-dark label concept. With strategic planning, a custom set build, and an absurdly large supply of black lights our production team was able to show off the ghostly personality of our limited edition glow-in-the-dark label release.
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Social Media

In today's highly competitive motion-driven social space we knew social media content for the Freakshow In the Dark campaign had to be a real scroll stopper. Our advertising wizards worked closely with our content production team to produce ads guaranteed to capture attention and drive engagement. Through a seasonally targeted strategy, this freak-tastic initiative successfully drove sales traffic and increased Michael David Winery's social media followership significantly. Not to mention the video's record-breaking cost per result of just $0.02. Now that's spooky.



Beyond the digital world, this Freakshow In the Dark campaign haunted shoppers in retail environments. Under the bright fluorescent lighting of most grocery stores, the limited edition label wouldn't be able to truly shine (or should we say "glow"), so our team had to get creative. A thoughtfully designed point of sale display featuring neon color on the corrugate to give the appearance of glowing AND built-in black lights under the shelving to actually make the label glow, retailers were able to merchandise this unique label to its full potential!
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