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Rabble Wine Co.


  • Branding

Located in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, Foremost Wine Co. fights the perception of what a wine establishment can and should be: communal and educational, timeless and enduring, unique and unexpected. Above all, it truly succeeds in combining quality wine, locally sourced food, and intriguing design.


In creating the Foremost brand, our original inspiration was derived from science and nature, biodynamic wine-making, astrology, and the farmer's almanac. All these elements were thoughtfully combined to create a brand and web presence that provokes thought and forges a memorable experience.

Space Design

For us at Makers & Allies, Foremost Wine Co. was a true example of what could be created from a blank canvas. When we began the project, the space was a 4,000 square foot empty warehouse, complete with dirt on the floors and spiderwebs on the ceiling. From the initial concept to space plan to final installation of the furnishings and fixtures, we had a hand in every aspect of the interior design as this beautiful space came together in a unique and hand touched way for others to experience on opening day and beyond.

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