Five Trail Whiskey

Intentionally Blended American Whiskey

Legacies are often only thought of in the past tense, but we think creating a legacy is less about where you’ve been and more about where you’re headed. Five Trail, the first expression from Coors Whiskey Co., was founded in the spirit of blazing new trails through collaboration. Fueled by the idea that when you unite a skilled group, one with a diversity of backgrounds yet a singular focus, great things happen. A unique team of whiskey experts, distillers, and brewers came together with the intent to craft an exceptional blended whiskey. Inspired by that dedication to camaraderie and quality, we joined Five Trail as their creative partner to stoke the fire behind this new brand.


Coors Whiskey Co.


  • Packaging
  • Digital
  • Advertising


Product Design

Building upon the foundational package design we extended the Five Trail product lineup across an array of higher tier whiskey offerings. Each bottle boldly represented by a custom illustrated Colorado 14'er paired with a design system for growth and expansion through the introduction of the Cask Finish Series and Small Batch Limited Release Series whiskeys.


Website Design

We built a comprehensive digital experience that lays out exactly what it means to craft an intentionally blended whiskey. Give this website a quick scroll and you'll leave with the understanding that Five Trail was purposefully blended by a unique team working together from Colorado to Kentucky.


Photo & Video

Photography and videography focused on capturing the brand's expression as a modern American whiskey. Our goal was to develop captivating yet refined creative that fueled a widespread introduction to the digital space and thoughtfully communicated values of quality, inclusivity, and innovation through lifestyle and studio content.


Social Media & Advertising

We launched Five Trail's social media presence from the ground up with the clear objectives of welcoming the brand to new markets and building an engaged following. Through targeted advertising optimized for reach in key markets across Instagram and Facebook, Five Trail successfully reached millions at launch to ignite brand awareness and engagement around their newly released whiskey.

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