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When we first started working with Essentially Geared Wine Co. in the spring of 2017, we knew it was going to be wine, packaged in a can… and that’s pretty much it. We got to work on naming, branding, and packaging, and then orchestrated a national launch with a website and a social-first marketing strategy centered around a lifestyle of seeking the uncommon. Our goal with EGWC has always been to embrace the alternative format and to elevate the can, proving high quality wine needn't come with a high level of fuss.

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From initial name ideation, to packaging, to voice and personality, we established the Essentially Geared brand as bold, playful, intrepid, and anti-status quo when it comes to the traditions of the wine industry, all without ever losing focus on quality. Knowing that we’d want to use both “Essentially Geared” as well as E.G. Wine Co. names, we created an iconic logomark to symbolize the lifestyle we wanted to build behind the brand.


Taking advantage of the 360* format of the can, our packaging design utilizes space efficiently to establish the product and brand personality, while educating the consumer on the can format. Of course, putting the brand’s own spin on traditional wine packaging with unexpected pairing suggestions of creamsicles, ramen, and pizza by the slice.


A nationally distributed brand will be evaluated first on the shelf, followed immediately by its digital presence. In order to gain a foothold in the market, EGWC needed to launch with a digital persona that matched its packaging design, with a mobile-first focus to allow for fast action wine aisle research for intrigued consumers.

Social Media

Recognizing that social media is a way of engaging with your consumers on a daily basis, we launched EGWC with a robust social media marketing plan. Inclusive of seasonal content created for our followers as well as a multi faceted social advertising strategy focused on account growth and brand awareness. Since then we’ve achieved an average of nearly 20% month-over-month follower growth.

Photography & Videography

Our digital strategy for EGWC features the use of carefully curated custom photography and videography to tell the story of the brand: sustainably packaged, carefully sourced, always essential. Focusing not on the product itself but the larger lifestyle which surrounds this great wine conveniently packaged in a can. Our production of on going creative content is the key to bringing this brand to life and staying relevant in fast paced world.

Space Design

Growing from an idea to a national brand with a distribution footprint of 35+ states in less than a year is in part due to having a strong shelf presence but also due to supporting our strong distributor and retailer relationships. To enhance a retailer’s ability to display the wine, we’ve created a collection of custom point-of-sale and floor displays.

Floor Display

What retailer wouldn't want to buy in on these fancy standalone floor displays? Particularly when it helps them elevate their own store experience and sell more wine. Our goal with this structure was to create something that would allow for the package to shine while remaining easy to assemble, convenient to ship, and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of five cases of wine.

Can Education

Bringing in elements from the package itself onto the side views of the floor display, we were careful to ensure that consumers were educated on the can as a superior format for wine from every angle.

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