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Corkscrew? #screwcorks

When we first started working with Essentially Geared Wine Co., we knew it was going to be wine, packaged in a can… and that’s pretty much it. From initial name ideation, to packaging, to voice and personality, we established the Essentially Geared brand as bold, playful, intrepid, and anti-status quo. A brand that lived up to its ethos: to always seek the uncommon. Our goal with EGWC has always been to embrace the alternative format and to elevate the can, proving high quality wine needn't come with a high level of fuss.
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EG Wine Co


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Awards & Recognition


Product Design

Taking advantage of the 360* format of the can, our packaging design utilizes space efficiently to establish the product and brand personality, while educating the consumer on the can format. Leading with bold branding for an iconic shelf presence, a spin around leads to some unexpected pairing suggestions of creamsicles, ramen, and pizza by the slice. It's an unexpected and tongue-in-cheek spin on traditional wine marketing, but with Essentially Geared, very much on brand.
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Website Design

Essentially Geared, with plans to launch nationally and a substantial digital advertising budget to support it, knew that consumers would flock to its website and Instagram to evaluate its legitimacy. In order to validate point of sale decisions, EGWC launched with a digital persona that matched its packaging design, with a mobile-first focus to allow for fast action wine aisle research for intrigued consumers.
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Photo & Video

Our photography and videography work for EGWC included a mix of "seek the uncommon" lifestyle content and bold and colorful styled studio content. From bringing the pairing suggestions to life to showing the key differentiators of the brand (sustainably packaged, carefully sourced, always essential), our content production fueled our website design, social media content, and ad campaigns, ensuring the brand always felt fresh & relevant.
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Advertising & Campaigns

Social media is not only a way of engaging with your consumers on a daily basis, it's also an incredibly powerful way to market to niche audiences. Through robust content, impactful ads, and strategic influencer partnerships, we were able to grow EGWC's social following by 20% month-over-month, while ensuring emerging markets were supported with a strong ad budget.
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