Cook Flavoring Company

Bean to Bottle

Cook's is a 100-year family legacy of pure vanilla and a craft flavoring powerhouse. They have hundreds of individual products, yet still work directly with growers to source the finest vanilla in the world. We were honored to work with two generations of this family-run business (three, if you count baby Evelyn running the occasional meeting) on a reimagining of their brand. Telling the story of the handcrafted nature of their product, balanced with their scalable wholesale production capabilities, all rooted in the story of their grandfather's original vision was an incredible process, and truly a labor of love on our part.


Cook Flavoring Company


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Strategy & Identity

There is a core duality to the Cook's brand: a focus on their family's legacy, yet much of their work today is ensuring the sustainable production of the highest quality vanilla directly with their Malagasy partners. Our goal for the Cook's rebrand was to bring their unique perspective on vanilla's past, its present, and its future into the essence of their brand.


Product Design

Our new look for Cook's needed to stand out on shelf, maintain a recognizable element of their prior logo, and establish a flexible design system that allowed for clear differentiation across hundreds of individual products. Custom engraving illustrations, unique for each product flavor, enhance the handcrafted feel. Design details that allude to vintage shipping crates highlight the origin of each product, and premium print techniques accent the high-quality feel that speaks to the product itself.


Website Design

Building a content-rich website & robust, integrated ecommerce experience for Cook's was a balance of both showing and telling. The cultivation, harvest, and extraction of vanilla are brought to life through powerful visuals seamlessly integrated into each page. The content continues the Cook's story with an editorial approach, making good use of their library of storytelling, market reports, and historical documentation. This is all paired with a simple, easy shopping experience tailored to both home cooks and wholesale accounts.


Photo & Video

Getting in the studio to create beautifully styled scenes with the final Cook's products had two outcomes. The first is that we were able to create custom photography with their integrated Shopify store in mind. The second? Our studio smelled like vanilla for days. #perks We went out to their production facilities for our videography, capturing the vanilla extraction process to pair with video taken onsite in Madagasgar during an annual sourcing trip. The resulting brand video tells the rich story of Cook's vanilla, from bean to bottle.

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