Casa Obsidiana

The World’s Most Beautiful Tequila.

In Jalisco, Mexico, at the base of el Volcán de Tequila, is a place where earth, air, water, fire, mastery, and artistry unite in the agave fields. It is where obsidian stones lie in abundance within the volcanic soil. It is where a union of two families, united by their 300 years of expertise in the crafts of tequila and terroir, was formed. Forged from the elements, Casa Obsidiana is the world's most beautiful tequila. It honors the true culture of Mexico and connects us through the rare power of the volcano's ancient stone, the obsidian. Beginning with brand strategy and storytelling, through an elegant product design, and finally by creating uncommon digital experiences to support the product launch, we too have been transformed by the power of this unique volcanic glass. We've stepped into the House of Obsidian.


Casa Obsidiana


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Digital


Strategy & Identity

Our strategy work with Casa Obsidiana truly began at the source. Meeting with the trio of masters behind the brand, a Master Tequilero, a Master Winemaker, and master contemporary Mexican artist and discussing their vision, we took every last drop of knowledge we soaked up and crafted a comprehensive brand story, weaving each brand truth into a cohesive set of messages that together represent the world of Casa Obsidiana. Armed with a story, we created a visual identity system for a modern luxury tequila brand. A refined logomark, iconic and meaningful symbology, a rich color palette, and understated typography come together as a united whole, representing the world of Casa Obsidiana and providing the foundation on which to build a brand intent on redefining luxury tequila.


Product Design

Each bottle of Casa Obsidiana is a true work of art. Crafted by contemporary Mexican artist Adán Paredes, each vessel is made from clay reminiscent of the earth that nourishes the agave, then embellished with an obsidian relic, harkening back to the land from which they have come. Branding on the bottles is extremely minimal – a tonal tamper strip and small back label only – our goal being to let the vessels become the iconic visual of the brand. The luxury boxes follow that same philosophy, with open gallery windows inspired by a contemporary Mexican art museum's hallways and hidden inserts to provide a safe and secure structure for each collectible vessel. Printed for a textured linen-like feel, everything about this package design invites you to experience more.


Photo & Video

Watching the sun peek over the volcanic ridgeline of Tequila, Mexico, its rays slipping onto the blue weber agave and highlighting the rich, red soil dotted with gleaming obsidian is unlikely to be an experience we ever forget. However, our photo and video footage captured on this trip ensure that this experience can be shared across all brand touchpoints, from Casa Obsidiana's website and social media, it's immersive brand video, and its unique NFC experience inlaid into each bottle. Capturing the true bond of the founders, the mastery of each member of the team, and the beauty of the land from which this tequila is born, we were honored to walk on the same soil as this immensely talented team.


Website Design

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