August Ridge


Italian Wines With
California Spirit.


August Ridge Vineyards


  • Branding
  • Packaging

August Ridge came to us with the hope to undergo a complete rebrand and we were happy to reimagine what the brand could and should be. The goal was to create a label that better fit with their ultra premium price point and and payed homage to the rich Italian culture that their wines and philosophies stem from.

Taking inspiration from Italian textiles and sun-drenched cortiles, we carried through a nod to their past label via a blind embossed sunburst, the red thread between the old and the new. We also added a neckband, reminiscent of the DOCG band on traditional Italian wines. The colors indicate whether it was a red, white, or reserve wine and compliment the capsule nicely to create that boutique appeal.

These classic labels are also a bit more artisan than your standard label. Rich print techniques and technical details highlight where the grapes are from, the soil they were grown in, the aging techniques used and what best to pair the wine with. Because after all, all good Italian wines are paired best with food and family.

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