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Ancient Peaks is a family owned and operated winery with a long history of tending to the Santa Margarita land on the Central Coast of California. Born from ancient sea bed, rocky alluvium, shale, volcanic, and granitic soil types, Ancient Peaks' wines exemplify the intimate relationship between their vines and the soil. Throughout our work the Ancient Peaks story was revitalized and reimagined across all of the physical aspects of the brand from the packaging of the product itself to the complete redesign of the tasting room & interior space it lives in.


Ancient Peaks’ newly revived image gives the winery a more modern, bold, and lasting brand that tells the story of a quality wine, made through meticulous work, and respect for the land.


With a striking brand name accompanied by detailed mountain strata, our redesign for Ancient Peaks prioritizes the importance of the land, artistically visualized through an iconic representation of the five soil types that make up Ancient Peaks' estate.

Space Design

Centering around a showcase of the five soil types that make up the estate vineyard, our redesign of the Ancient Peaks tasting room focuses on allowing staff to educate tasters all while maximizing use of the space with varied experiences and personal touches throughout.

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