Ancient Peaks

Dedicated to the Land

Ancient Peaks is a family owned and operated winery with a long history on the Santa Margarita Ranch. Born from ancient sea bed, rocky alluvium, shale, volcanic, and granitic soil types, Ancient Peaks' wines exemplify the intimate relationship between their vines and the soil. Throughout our work, the Ancient Peaks story was revitalized and reimagined across all aspects of the brand, from product to web. Ancient Peaks’ revived look gives the winery a more modern, bold, and enduring brand that tells the story of their beautiful wines, crafted through meticulous work and respect for the land.
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Ancient Peaks Winery


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Awards & Recognition


Product Design

Pairing a bold brand mark with stylized details of the mountain strata that make the Santa Margarita Ranch so unique, our redesign for Ancient Peaks prioritizes the importance of their land and the significance of their name. The package also works to deepen the brand story, through an iconic representation of the five soil types that make up Ancient Peaks' estate, highlighted with pearl foil and richly textured paper further accented with a strong emboss.
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Website Design

A website that ties all facets of the brand together in a seamless experience, responsively designed across mobile & desktop, was an important step in ensuring the Ancient Peaks story was available to their national audience. The Ancient Peaks website features rich photography and videography, integrated commerce, and an interactive soil discovery feature to educate buyers on the intricate details that make Ancient Peaks wines so incredibly unique.
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Photo & Video

Prominently showcasing the five soil types that make up the estate vineyard, including ancient fossilized oyster shells, our styled studio photography for Ancient Peaks furthers their wines' close relationship with the land. Our photography not only helped us bring their website to life, but provides for a unique and unexpected ecommerce experience. These aren't your typical bottle shots!
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