Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Wine

“Here’s to the rule breakers, the rabble rousers, the thieves, and the troublemakers.” Always ones to welcome an agitator, when O’Neill Vintners & Distillers came to Makers & Allies with a Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Wine, we were excited to shake things up. The goal was to present a non-traditional wine concept while pushing the boundaries in the packaging design itself to make something truly unique in the wine aisle. To immediately indicate that this isn't your everyday red wine, we selected glass more reminiscent of the spirits aisle. The front label is a single piece printed on a transparent substrate, creating the look of a two-piece label that's been charred and broken apart to reveal the Agitator logo that appears to be imprinted on the glass, alluding both to the strength of the wine as well as the aging process in fire-charred bourbon barrels. The combination of the wax seal, Old World typography, and aging details outlined on the closure makes for a package that nods to the spirits community while intriguing wine drinkers, opening the door to a wide demographic who will enjoy this unique wine that celebrates its incendiary qualities.
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